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What if you could start your collection without robbing

a bank or stopping to eat ? 

LenArt believes in a democratization of the art world by facilitating the acquisition process through 2 services:

Art Leasing and Art Renting.

How does it work ?

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Choose your art piece by yourself

or with the support of our team.

We are always here to guide

you in the process.

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Let's discuss your dream and create your personalized financial plan in order to help you start your

collection in the right way. 

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Enjoy your art piece at home

or at the office !

What do we offer?

Art Leasing / Renting

LenArt offers the possibility to art lovers, art collectors and businesses to acquire the best art pieces of their choice through 2 financial services:

Art Leasing and Art Renting.

Nail to Nail Service

LenArt handles the transportation, the hanging as well as the insurance side of the deal for the collectors.

LenArt believes in a nail to nail service, to satisfy completely the collectors and make sure that the leased art pieces will be correctly taken care of once installed. 

Art Consultancy

LenArt and its professional team of art consultants deliver their expertise in the choice of the best art pieces that suit the collectors' needs and wishes.

LenArt also offers collectors a real interaction with the art world through art fairs VIP entries, exclusive artist studios visits, etc.