About LenArt

At LenArt, we believe in a democratization of the art world. By facilitating the acquisition process for an art piece, we want to give you more opportunities to start and build your art collection.


To do so, we created the possibility of acquiring art via an interest-free monthly payment service dedicated to the art market. 


We also believe that this “Buy Now, Pay Later” system will lead to becoming common practice in art galleries or art businesses. By giving you the chance to choose flexible

pay-over-time options, you will finally be able to support your favorite artists which will also contribute to the growth of the art world.


Art à portée de main

— Michel Verlinden

LE VIF l'express — 21 au 27 janvier 2020

Elever l'âme et abaisser les impôts
— Antoine Moreno 

Trends Tendances — 28 janvier 2020

LenArt, une start-up belge ambitieuse

— Christophe Dossogne

Collect — Février 2021