What if art could change the way you enjoy your offices as well as help you optimise your professional assets? ​

Art renting and Art leasing are two great solutions for tax optimisation offered to you by LenArt.

Companies, self-employed and liberal professions can now tax deduct 100% of the monthly payments of the rented art pieces or 100% of the acquisition costs of the leased art pieces.

Art Renting

& Art Leasing

Benefits of renting & leasing with LenArt

Art value

50.000 €

Contract length

12 months

Art Leasing

ISOC 20%

Deductible basis

4.955,50 €

Tax benefit

991,10 €

Art Rental

ISOC 20%

Deductible basis

51.050 €

Tax benefit

10.210 €

All fees included (LenArt fee, transport, hanging, insurance, interest)

ISOC 20% for companies with a turnover between 0 and 100.000 €.

All rents and fees included (LenArt fee, transport, hanging, insurance)

​Don't wait any longer and capitalise while letting in an artistic feel into your workplace !

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