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How does LenArt work?

With LenArt, you will be able to offer directly 0% interest installment payment plans to your clients going up to 6 years. The minimum amount for a request is 1.000€ per unit piece. The maximum amount is 50.000€. For amounts up to 50.000€, manual requests must be sent to LenArt at info@lenart.be. By using our service, we ask 9,89% commission per unit piece as to make sure your clients receive an interest and charge free art loan ! For more information on our service, you can contact our team directly by sending an email with your details at info@lenart.be. We will get back to you asap.

How does LenArt help my business grow?

By offering flexible pay-over-time payment options to your clients, it increases your sales volume as it reduces the number of hesitant customers with smaller budgets, replacing them by buying ones. Plus by offering a more personalised and accommodating art collecting experience to your clients, it allows you to set your business apart bringing more collectors into your art gallery. Even if this system of buying is new to outside e-commerce retailers, the increase of the “Buy Now, Pay Later” system for purchases in art galleries may lead to becoming a common practice, as common as the use of credit cards. In addition, by choosing to work with LenArt, you make sure to be paid right away even if your client can’t pay for the full price immediately. You won’t have to take care of reminding the client of the money they owe you and there is no risk for your business in case of default payments. For further information on how our service will help your business, you can contact us directly by sending an email with your details to info@lenart.be. Or if you have any remarks about LenArt, please let us know, we would love to hear what you have to say and we are always happy to find solutions to improve our service.

What is the minimum/maximum charge amount allowed with LenArt?

The minimum amount your client can ask is 1.000€ per unit piece. The maximum amount is 50.000€. For amounts up to 50.000€, manual requests must be sent to LenArt at info@lenart.be

How and when do I receive the funds in my business account?

After your client has confirmed his/her financing plan and you invoiced us for the purchased art piece, you will receive the funds on your business account within 14 days, no matter how long your client’s loan is.

How do my clients receive information about their installment payment plan?

When a collector signs up for a payment plan through LenArt to our financial partner, all of his/her information are to be asked to our financial partner.

How can I monitor my client's installments?

As a business allowing your customers to finance their acquisition via LenArt, you have no access to their installment plans and therefore are not allowed to monitor them. Only the customers who have an installment plan will be able to monitor, see and/or modify their plan. However, you will have a notification if your clients' credit is accepted or denied to ensure you the possibility to check for another financial plan with them.

Who manages the monthly installment charges and authorizations?

Our thrusted financial partner, Aion Bank SA/NV, manage and monitor all installment transactions and authorizations.
For more information on Aion Bank, please visit this page.

How do I start offering LenArt to my clients ?

In a very simple way ! When talking to your clients about the prices of an artwork and the traditional ways to pay for it, you will have the opportunity to also offer LenArt, which is the most flexible and pay-over-time option for your clients. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to leave your contact here !

Is my information and my clients informations confidential?

We can promise you that we continuously work to introduce new ways to keep your data and your clients' data safe via our advanced security system to ensure that no information is stolen and that your information and clients’ information stay between us. The financial data of your clients will only be known by our thrusted financial partner, Aion Bank SA/NV. For more detailed information please read our privacy notice here. If you need any other information on this important matter, don’t hesitate to connect with us here.

How can I get live support from LenArt?

Please contact info@lenart.be and mention your name and business’ name (if you are one), we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Where is your privacy notice?

You can find our privacy notice here.

Where are your terms and conditions?

You can find our terms and conditions on this page.

Is LenArt free of charge for my clients ?

Since LenArt does not want your clients to pay more than the cost of their art pieces due to our monthly installments service, LenArt covers the interest of our financial partner, Aion Bank SA/NV. This is why the amount of your clients loan request is equal to the price of their art pieces minus the bank interest. Thus the amount he/she will pay monthly to our financial partner as part of his/her loan will be the same as the price of their chosen art pieces.